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Toyota Answers: What is a Fuel Cell?

With the coming of the Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, it's an exciting time for green energy in the automotive industry! However, it leaves many asking what, exactly, is a fuel cell? Well, the automaker went to the experts and got the answer simply and easily. Like a battery, a fuel cell as a positive and negative end. However, unlike a battery, the fuel cell can continuously produce electricity as long as it's provided with hydrogen and oxygen. Take a look below to learn more and be amazed:


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The Toyota Hybrid C Persona Rocks Some Special Edition Finishing Touches

Since its release in 2000, the Toyota Prius c has made no qualms about its individuality. This electric hybrid has always known how to cause a scene with its environmental priorities and its recognizable hatchback design. Now, for 2016, this model's C-level trim is receiving another update that’s bound to make it even more distinguishable. Check out the link below to learn more about its all-black exterior with Electric Lime or Cherry Pearl accents!

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We Be the Kitchen Cookin' -- Toast? -- With Toyota

Toyota's electric and hybrid vehicles are useful beyond the track. You can even use them to cook breakfast. It's true! The LMP1 produces more than 1,000 horsepower when its 3.7-liter V8 is paired with its electric engines. During the Le Mans, Toyota specialists were able to harvest 6 megajoules of energy through regenerative breaking, which allowed them to cook enough eggs, toast, and coffee for 171 people! Check out the full story in the link below from AutoGuide.com.

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How Do You Know When to Get New Tires?

How do you decide when to buy new tires? Do you wait until you can feel a difference in stopping power? Reduced tread can increase risk of hydroplaning, and decrease stopping distance on wet roads.

One tried and true method is the "penny trick," where you measure tread depth using a penny.

A penny is an accurate measure of depth, however, you may not want to wait to see Lincoln's head emerge from your tread.

In an independent study, researchers found that on a wet road, it takes 10 additional car lengths for a car with 2/32 inch…

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Can a 240 Foot Drop Stop a Toyota Truck?

They tried everything: hitting it with a wrecking ball, drowning it in the ocean, lighting it on fire. Nothing Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson could throw at it would stop the old Toyota truck from running!

Now it's James May's turn, and he figures dropping from the roof of a 240 foot tall apartment building as it's demolished ought to do the trick.

Now to clarify, the rules of this game state that no parts can be replaced. All the mechanic is allowed to do is fix what's there-- reconnecting wires and belts that have come…

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Where Does Traffic Come From?

Do you ever get stuck in a traffic jam, and just wonder to yourself, why? Is traffic really an inevitability of rush hour, or would things smooth out if a few of us could drive a little better?

Believe it or not, this phenomenon has been studied. Traffic can be modeled mathematically, taking into account speed, density, and flow.

Sadly, the results are grim. It's not just a matter of getting a handful of bad drivers back into driver's ed, and the roads will clear up like magic.

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Toyota Prius: 5 Reasons to Drive

Sure, the 2015 Toyota Prius offers exceptional fuel economy ratings, but you already knew that, right? What you might not know is that the Prius also delivers a comfortable and connected driving experience. As a result, the Prius is all but certain to improve your daily travels throughout the Woodbridge, VA area. Get an up-close look at the 2015 Prius by watching the following clip from the experts at AutoTrader.com. 
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Your Toyota 4Runner Handles the Grittiest of Trails

If you're choosing an off-roading capable vehicle like the new 2015 Toyota 4Runner, you'll probably want to push it to its limits. With the available four-wheel drive with A-TRAC, you can traverse even the rockiest, bumpiest and toughest trails out there. Go out and explore some really wild terrain in your new 4Runner, but first press play on this quick video below, then head on over to our Woodbridge, VA Toyota dealership.


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