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Toyota injects Sienna minivan with a premium feel for 2015

The words "minivan" and "manners" go together like peanut butter and your kid's jam hands, but usually not for the reason we're about to give. To most parents, "minivan manners" probably means that your children aren't elbowing each other in ribs or sword fighting with the extra umbrellas or climbing over each other to get the last of the pizza-flavored Goldfish.

And while you still want that to be true in the…

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Getting the Details on the 2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

The 2015 New York Auto Show is in full swing and that means our favorite Japanese automaker is showing off something we think will knock your socks off: the 2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid compact SUV! Boasting a sleeker look than before, it also offers more high-quality materials throughout the cabin for increased comfort and levels of class, sure to put a smile on the face of every passenger. There are even some amazing optional extras…

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Get the Toyota Venza before it's too late!

The new Toyota lineup is filled with a variety of vehicles to meet a whole-lotta demographic needs. We have sportier rides that appeal to teens or twenty-somethings, family-friendly vehicles, and mature models as well. No matter what you're looking for, you'll probably find it at Lustine Toyota.

Keeping maturity in mind, we want to highlight one particular vehicle that gets the job done in a confident manner: the Toyota Venza.

The Venza has…

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The Toyota RAV4 Can Accommodate All Your Driving Needs

When you're looking for a new vehicle, it's important that you choose something that fits both your budget and your lifestyle. If you're like the little guy in the video below and you needs something affordable, high-tech, and spacious, then the Toyota RAV4 might be just what you're looking for.

As you can see, this vehicle has ample cargo space, so you can bring just about anything along for the ride…

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Toyota Strives for Perfection

Toyota vehicles have a reputation for being reliable, durable, and being in it for the long haul. To help make sure these vehicles live up to their reputation and to improve them even further, Toyota decided to put them to the test in the Australian Outback. Take a look.

The Outback is a pretty harsh environment, so if those vehicles can thrive there, they can thrive pretty much anywhere. Here at Lustine Toyota, we can…

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Toyota Adds Style, Technology to 2015 Corolla

Already a very popular sedan option for it?s well-rounded combination of affordability and reliability, the all-new Toyota Corolla has more to offer drivers than ever before, and after a look at the details; you'll be as excited about the new model as we are.

Isn't that impressive? The new look is brought on by new design lines, a rear spoiler, aggressive front end highlighted by LED headlights, and 17-inch alloy wheels. And…

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Toyota Never Fails to Impress

The North American International Auto Show is always filled with amazing vehicles, and Toyota always impresses fans. This year was no different; take a look at the video below to see some of the vehicles they displayed at the show.

This video gave us some of the highlights from the show, and here at Lustine Toyota we are pretty impressed. We got to see the newest models, the concept cars, and the racecars. Vehicles like…

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The 2015 Toyota Camry Boasts Big Changes for the Better

Aggressive up front, refined in the back, and sporty all over, the 2015 Toyota Camry has been redesigned in a way better than we could have ever hoped and we think you'll love it too. The folks at AutoTrader.com have fallen for it, gushing about its engine options, well-organized interior, and high-tech features like the available wireless smartphone charger, and much more. See for yourself in the video below and don't be…

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A New Truck and a New Year

The Toyota Tacoma is a great truck. Year after year, the quality of the drive and its level of performance only improve, and the interior gains more and more features. With a New Year just around the corner, commit to a resolution you can keep and get behind the wheel of the Tacoma.

With a few resolutions rolled in to one, the Toyota Tacoma is ready to go hard, whether you play or get the…

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Toyota Mirai Makes World Premiere in Los Angeles

Here in Woodbridge, VA, we're thrilled to announce the world premiere of the 2016 Toyota Marai.

Now, don't worry if you never heard that name before because it's a groundbreaking new model that's headed to our lineup in the second half of 2015.

So, what exactly is the Mirai? Here's a hint: Mirai means future in Japanese.

Delivering on a promise made five years ago, the 2016 Mirai is Toyota…

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