Lustine Auto4Life

Lustine includes Lifetime Vehicle Coverage. No Limits on Mileage or Years

Auto4Life is an Ultimate Vehicle Coverage program that gives you peace of mind from future costly repairs for as long as you own the vehicle.  And even better, Lustine Toyota includes it with your purchase, at no extra charge.  Auto4Life coverage has no limits on mileage or years and covers the often most expensive components of the vehicle.

Program covers:

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Drivetrain/Drive Axles
  • All Internally Lubricated Parts
  • Labor


ENGINE - all internally lubricated parts, including pins and connecting rods and bearings; crankshaft and main bearings; camshafts, followers and cam bearing; push rods, springs, lifters; rocker arms, shafts and bushings; timing gear, chain, oil pump; oil pan; valve cover(s); shafts, rotors and bearings; timing belt and cover, manifolds, harmonic balancer; engine mounts, turbo charger. 

*cases, housings, engine block, cylinder heads and cylinder barrels are covered only if damaged by the failure of an internal lubricated part. 

TRANSMISSION - Automatic/transfer case - all internal lubricated parts; torque converter. Manual/transfer case - all internal lubricated parts.

Does not include manual clutch, pressure plate, throw-out bearings, pilot bearing or bushing, clutch master or slave cylinders.

DRIVE TRAIN/DRIVE AXLES - Rear Wheel Drive - all internal lubricated parts; propeller shafts, supports and u-joints; axle shafts and bearings. Front Wheel Drive - all internal lubricated parts, axle shafts, constant velocity joints and front hub bearings. Four Wheel Drive - internal lubricated parts.


*Contact Participating Dealers for final details and full list of coverage and exclusions. Lifetime, Limited, non-factory warranty. Good at participating dealerships.

Q: What is Auto4Life™?
The Auto4Life™ service contract protects you against costly power train breakdowns for as long as you own your vehicle. The average transmission replacement cost is approximately $2000.00
Auto4Life™ is a Lifetime Powertrain Service Contract offered to customers by participating dealerships.

Q: What vehicles are eligible for Auto4Life™?
All new and qualifying pre-owned vehicles purchased from participating dealerships. Check with dealership for full details.

Q: How much does it cost?
The Auto4Life™ service contract comes STANDARD on all eligible vehicles. This means NO CHARGE to you!

Q: How do I sign up?
Auto4Life™ enrollment automatically occurs when you purchase a new or qualifying pre-owned vehicle from a participating dealership

Q: What does Auto4Life™ cover?

Auto4Life™ covers your powertrain i.e. engine, transmission/transaxle, axles and differential (except seals and gaskets). View full coverage details.

Q: What is my responsibility?

Have all your factory recommended services performed by your participating dealership's service department and have them stamp your maintenance book to validate the service.

Q: How long does Auto4Life™ last?

As long as you have all of your factory recommended service done at your participating dealership, you are covered - no matter how many miles or how many years!

Q: What about deductibles?

If a covered item fails under the Auto4Life™ contract, we cover parts and labor 100% minus a $100 deductible.

Q: Do services cost more under this plan?
No, you pay the regular rates established by your participating dealership.

Q: Should I buy additional service contracts if offered?
Auto4Life™ covers your powertrain. Powertrain repairs are typically the most expensive to repair. Other items such as electrical, brakes, suspension systems, fuel system and towing are not quite as costly to repair but are not covered by Auto4Life™. You may wish to cover those items not covered by Auto4LifeT. Check with your dealership for additional plans, if available.

Q: What if I break down out of town?
Have your vehicle towed to the nearest authorized dealer. Have the dealer inspect what is needed for the repair. Call your Auto4Life™ participating dealership to report the findings. From there the dealer will file a claim for the repair of your vehicle.

Q: What if I'm out of the area on vacation and my vehicle requires a maintenance service?
Ideally, get your service done early, before you go on vacation. Otherwise, call your participating dealership prior to that service. Your dealership can authorize the maintenance if performed by an approved dealership.

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