Car insurance is changing with the times. I was reading my new insurance policy, and I was impressed about the endorsements that show that insurance companies understand the needs of drivers in today's world.

A new benefit that some companies are providing is an endorsement called "Get Home Safe" (or something similar).

This endorsement reimburses the policy holder for up to a certain amount, once during the policy, for a taxi or other ride service home. If you don't feel safe operating YOUR car, they'll make sure you don't need to make a bad decision. As long as you save your receipt and mail it in, you can use it once during the policy period.

Another change noted is a "TNC Exclusion". TNC means transportation network company. Basically, this exclusion notes the difference between a driver insured to operate for private car service (a livery license) and a private driver who may drive for a ride sharing company. Policies are realizing that they need to be clearer, and because they're more clear, passengers understand better who or which insurance is responsible if they're driving or riding in an Uber or Lyft car.

When insurance shopping in today's market, it's important to look beyond the basic glass/collision/personal coverage and understand how insurance companies are adapted to the new needs of clients. They're making sure that you're getting home safely, while also making sure that you understand just how you're protected.

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