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Mr. Jim Giddings,

I would like to thank you for helping us finding the perfect car at Toyota.

I would like to say thank you to Mr. Martin Mongillio for understanding our needs, and for helping us to find the right vehicle. My children absolutely enjoy the DVDs player, my son is extremely happy about the video games, and I love the navigator. Mr. Martin not only recommended us the perfect car, he also made the process easy for us. We absolutely enjoyed doing business with him, in fact I already recommended him to some of my friends.

I also want to send a special thank you to Delma Cueto, she is a wonderful lady. She put a smile on my kids face when she arranged to have the DVD player and navigator installed in only one day, and she worked around my schedule.

Thanks to Martin and Delma, I can say I became a Toyota fan!

Thank you for all your help and I wish you all a spectacular day.


Nicoleta B

"Service Experience"

Date: July 5, 2011 11:30:05 AM EDT
To: Victor Kohnke <vkohnke@lustine.com>
Subject: Service Experience


I wanted to let you know how pleased I was with my recent service experience at Lustine. First, as I told you in person at a previous visit, your system is first rate -- I've never seen such an efficient and customer-centric approach to getting cars and customers in to service. And, Bryant Jones was the consummate professional keeping me updated throughout the process and being a tremendous ambassador for the Lustine brand!

Many thanks,

Mike D.

To whom it may concern,

        I normally don't write letters such as this but I really feel so strongly about my interaction with 
Lustine Toyota of Woodbridge I again feel someone needs to know about it.


        This all started on May 11th 2012, when I called about scheduling an appointment for regular service on my 2010 Toyota pick. The young lady I spoke with on the phone was very professional and very personal. It was a very refreshing change to speak with someone that appeared to be on top of things and know her job and how to treat people. I asked for an appointment for May 18th at 7am. She checked the books and said she was very sorry but the best she could do was 7:40am. I said I 100% understand and would like to schedule it. I then asked if I was to get there early would there be a possibility they could work me in. She told me it was possible but did not know what the chances would be. I thanked her and just marked it on my schedule.


        I arrived at the dealership at 6:15am and waited just outside the shop doors. Promptly at 7am the doors went up and I pulled inside. Upon getting out of my car I was met with a young man and I told him my appointment was not until 7:40 but was hoping that I could get in a little early because of the schedule I had for the rest of day. He told me to hand on for just a minute and he would get Mr. Jones for me to talk with. Mr. Jones came right over to me as I was standing beside the truck. I explained the situation and that I was early and was hoping things would work out my way. He checked and it was just a basic service and then told me "no problem Mr. Bennett we can take of your truck right away". I just stood there. "Wow that's great". We walked to his desk and filled out some paper work. At that point in time I was under the impression I would be there a while, so I asked is there any where I can sit and plug my PC in and do some work. Again I heard "no problem Mr. Bennett" one of our sales people is not coming in today you can sit at his desk. He showed me where to go and told me to have a nice day and Bryant would be with me very shortly.


        Sure enough just moments later Bryant Jones comes right over and introduces his self and tells me that they are working on getting things taken care of and he would be back as soon as they where complete. The last time I was in for a service it took about an hour and twenty minutes, so I had planned to be there about the same amount of time. But this time was a very different story. Just about 40 minutes had gone by and Mr. Jones came over and said your truck is complete and whenever you are ready we can finish the paper work. Again in shock all I could say was thank you and I will be right there. At Mr. Jones desk he explained everything that was done, answered several questions I had, and did so in a very professional, and personal manor. Taking the time to make me feel as if I was his only customer and he had plenty of time to take care of any all things I was concerned about.


Like I had said in the beginning of the letter I don't normally write to companies I deal with, but I be leave in giving credit where credit is due. Simply put this service call was "RIGHT ON THE MONEY" I cannot thank you enough for the quality and professionalize  that I received and I feel the people I came in contact with should get a pat on the back for their time and effort. With people such as this working for you, you will have no problem with return business.



Ben B.
Ben B.


Just want to let you know that I was most pleased and impressed by the shuttle driver named Alexander - picked us up at 1:30-2 pm at Wegmans My husband uses a walker and is also sometimes a little vague - Alexander had a pleasant smile, a cheerful voice, and talked to my husband as he helped him into the van.  He also kept an eye on us while we waited for our car.  All your folks are pleasant and polite but young Alexander went over and above.  He deserves recognition.  Thank you


Nita Jones

Nita Jones

Good morning Mr. Giddings,


I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for having Mr. Bryant Jones in your team he took the extra step to help my wife yesterday with her car issue I was there with her and saw Mr. Jones professionalism to help customers, my wife Glenda Morales bought a new scion car from your dealer and had install a new remote engine starter but she was not satisfy the way the car was turning off within 10 minutes when she was told that it will stay on at least 15 minutes that it is important for her specially in the morning when she is leaving the house for work that is why she decided to spend the extra money to have it install.  Mr. Jones didn't know the answer or the reason why the car was turning off within the 15 minutes but he went back to talk to the technician and printed a report of how the remote timing works when she got it install nobody took the time to explained to her Mr. Jones took the extra step and took his time to test our car in from of us until we were satisfy with the upcoming those little details are the ones that make your customers coming back to your business so if you have a chance please recognized Mr. Jones from a satisfy customer.



Wilmer Bernal


"Great Service"

Mr. Giddings,
I would like to commend Mike Maas and Bernard Berry for giving me great service on Saturday, June 11, 2011. I initially came there as usual to get an oil change, but I left there later that day with a mini-van. Mike Maas gave me great service and helped me through the selection process wonderfully. He had given me the attention and assistance that I deserved, and I say this because I have been a Toyota customer for some years now and have never been given good service let alone great service from a salesperson until then. He really made me feel like he was there to help me with my goals and not just there to sell a vehicle. Bernard Berry did very much the same thing in the area of finance, and I have to say, I have only been given better service in finance by Ford for one of my husband's previous vehicles until I met him. He made sure that he also met my goals and answered my questions thoroughly; he did not disregard me, try to dodge my questions or give me general answers. Believe me, I consider myself a pretty good negotiator, and these men met me all the way! Also, in mentioning this, I have a couple of times in the past sought assistance with two other sales people from Lustine and was asked to wait or come back for service. So, I commend those who do what they are suppose to do for their customers because I really appreciate the effort and time spent to ensure that I was well taken care of. Please give these two gentlemen Mike Maas and Bernard Berry some recognition for a great job, so that they are acknowledged for their efforts!

Keep the faith:)!
Latonya B.

"Aftermarket Customer Service"

Mr. Giddings,
Thank you! I was originally going to wait and send the original email to include everyone who had taken care of me, but I didn't want to wait to long to give my comment; however, I wish that I did because you never know if someone else may shine and that is exactly what happened. I would like to make a comment on one last person due to her efforts in the past two days. I had some work done yesterday and today because of a "We Owe You" for a touch-up and dent removal, and I also had an alarm and auto-start kit installed. Gerri Perrin made sure that the work was done properly, and she didn't sugar coat the situation that I was in since some of the work had to wait until the next day. She went beyond what I had expected for her do because she actually came out at one point with a diagram to mark the scratches and dents on the vehicle that needed to be done. She even told me how she ensured that my keys were programmed (ask her about it). I truly appreciate the service that I have received from her and I would like to commend her as well for her strong work ethic. She needs to be recognized for doing such a wonderful job! And, again thank you for providing me with a staff that gave me this great service!
LaTonya B-
Keep the faith:)!
LaTonya B.

"Excellent Service"

Mr. Giddings,


I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for another wonderful experience at your company.


Ms. Delma Cueto was instrumental in making this happen on Saturday, September 24.

Here is a bit of history, I purchased my 2010 Prius with Lustine Toyota, last year, after a really bad experience with Rosner Toyota, Fredericksburg.

I came to your company and was treated with the utmost respect, understanding, and most of all was listened to, when I told Ms. Cueto

I was working within a specific budget.

She gave me the best add on that fitted well within my budget, and she and Ms. Long made my experience a very positive one.


It did not stop there, I hit a deer recently, my car is in the shop and I just wanted to look at my options to see if I should keep my

car or get a new one. I spoke to Ms. Kosal Long, and was told Ms. Cueto was on vacation Ms. Long was also helpful, I was told to bring in

my car, have it appraised and we will see what my options would be.


I contacted Ms. Cueto on her return from vacation, and she told me to come in. However, I was told my car would be ready on Wednesday,

that did not happen, promised on Saturday that did not happen.

I felt in a rut, since I could not come in to your dealership without my car. I called Ms. Cueto, and she advised me to come in even though I did not have

my car. I would be given the opportunity to see what I like and put a hold on it. I did take her advice and came in.


I was overwhelmed when I got to your dealership and was told that I can leave with my car on that day. Ms. Cueto assisted me again without hesitation,

she had everything in place for when I got there.

1. A sales consultant, Louis Lee greeted me in the parking lot, identified me by name

2. Told him what I wanted, another Prius, Blue in color, went straight to one (the only one on the lot)

3. Came back inside to work on the figures and stay within budget.

4. Ms Kosal, who was not feeling well, came in to work so that I could have gotten my car on Saturday.

5. All was handled professionally, and in an efficient manner, which made my decision to purchase a definite one.


I was very happy that I got the car I really wanted and in the exact color. If Ms. Cueto was not persistent in explaining the benefits to me by coming in, 

then this would not have happened at all. To her I am grateful.


Overall, I would say that Ms. Cueto is the type of individual that would always go the extra mile for her customers and she does know how to keep customers

coming back. A very pleasant and professional individual.

Your company is very lucky.

I am very pleased with your service and staff and would not hesitate to come back again, and introduce others to your service.

(Just so you know this is my 3rd Prius)


Thank you and your staff for excellent service.

Carol N.
Carol N.
Glen Vinson
Glenn Vinson


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