Driving into the Sunset

Now that the days are shorter, many more drivers are driving home for the night at sunset, where the sun is low in the sky - right at eye level for many drivers, especially those heading due west. 

This makes visibility extremely difficult, and can even cause headaches and eye pain as drivers squint and move their heads. The headaches and eye pain can be distracting, causing further potential for issues, and because most drivers on the road are struggling with the same issues, traffic can slow and become erratic.

Here are a few tips to make driving home safer in the sunset.

Adjust your route.
There is no need to take a route that isn't working for you. It's a good time to mix it up and try a route that doesn't head directly into the glare. I usually drive home on a highway going due west, but when I know the glare will be bad, I usually take back roads, which limits the amount of time I'm driving straight into the sun. I know some people are able to adjust their driving times so that they don't need to be on the road when the sun is at its worst.

Have polarized sunglasses in reach.
The light changes, so you might not always need them, but polarized sunglasses can reduce the glare dramatically.

Be alert and mindful of other drivers.
Stay focused. If the light hits the driver in front of you wrong, that driver may slow or even stop suddenly. Leave extra room, just in case, and make sure you are always anticipating.

Keep your windshield clean, inside and out.
Smudges, dirt, dust and other messes on the windshield are heightened when the sun is glaring in at the right angle. Make sure you have a routine to keep everything clear so it's not difficult to see. Most gas stations have window cleaner for the exterior, and cleaning the interior windows with newspaper is the best way to avoid any streaks and smudges.

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