Summer Maintenance for your Toyota

Summer Maintenance for your Toyota

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The time has come, and the weather is finally warm! Summer has finally arrived, and with that, many special things that you should be looking out for with your vehicle's maintenance. This time of year usually spells more road trips than ever before, which means your vehicle is about to be put under additional load. We are here to help give you some helpful tips to get your vehicle ready for the heat, and to get you ready for your next favorite adventure. At Lustine Toyota, our goal is to keep you happy and your vehicle on the road, and we know we can help serve the entire Fredericksburg, Prince William, and Woodbridge areas! Continue reading to learn more about our tips.

What are some helpful summer maintenance tips?

Check the air-conditioning: We know that some tips might seem obvious, but when it comes to air-conditioning, you can never be too careful. Warm weather means that you want to make sure you and your passengers are comfortable, and the lack of air conditioning can spell for some really uncomfortable rides. If your air conditioning has been on the fritz, now is a good time to get it checked out, especially if there might be any leaks.

Coolant system check: As you need air conditioning to make rides more comfortable, your engine needs a coolant system to be as efficient as it can be. Not only should you be looking at the coolant level, but you should also be looking out for leaks. The lack of coolant can be a disaster, especially if you are driving around on a particularly hot day. Don't end up stranded on the side of the road!

Replace windshield wipers: With heat in the summer, comes great thunderstorms. Cracked or old windshield wipers can ruin your vision out of the front windshield, which is incredibly dangerous. Many people suggest to replace windshield wipers every six months, and if it has been a while, or you notice some corrosion, now is the perfect time to switch out.

Monitor other fluids: While we placed special attention on coolant, for obvious reasons, that doesn't mean you should neglect the other fluids in your vehicle. Whether it's brake fluid or windshield-washer fluid, making sure that they are all topped off and there aren't any leaks is pretty important for the overall function and safety of your vehicle.

Change/clean your air filter: After a tough winter, your air filter might very well be clogged in many points. Now is a great time to take out your filter, and either clean it, or replace it. If you don't feel qualified to do any of this, feel free to let us know, and we can do it for you!

Lustine Toyota Final Thoughts

At Lustine Toyota, we want to help you make your summer road trip dreams a reality. Schedule an appointment with us today and we will make sure that your Toyota is summer ready! From oil changes to checking your battery, we are here to do it all. Your happiness is vital, and your continued and loyal business is much appreciated.

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