If you are thinking about purchasing a used vehicle and have it narrowed down to a few models, it's time to get ready for the test drives! Test driving is one of the most important parts of the used car buying process and there are a lot of things to consider before, during, and after the drive. We are going to share some of our best tips, to help you have the best test drives and find the best used vehicle!

Before You Test Drive:
There are a few things you need to do before you get the behind the wheel for your test drive. Start by examining the exterior with a thorough walk-around. Go ahead and turn the vehicle on, switching on all the headlights, hazards, blinkers and tap the brakes to make sure they all are in working condition. Take a look at the paint, are there any chips or scrapes? Is it all the same hue from the front to the back? A difference in the paint could mean that the vehicle has been in an accident and not all accidents are reported. Get down on the ground and check under the vehicle. Is there anything hanging oddly or are there any fluids dripping? Make sure to check the tire tread!

Moving to the inside, check all the systems! Turn on all the interior lights and check that all lights on the dashboard are working. You can then move onto making sure you are comfortable in the driver's seat. Can you reach the pedals and adjust the steering wheel to meet your needs? Turn on both the heat and the air conditioning systems no matter what the weather outside is like. You don't to be in the middle of a blizzard when you find out your vehicle's heat doesn't work! Check that each vent is working and that you are able to turn the fan up and down. Check the radio too! Make sure any extras like auxiliary audio inputs or USB ports are in working order and check that the speakers are working.  If you have any children, make sure to bring the safety seats along to make sure they are going to fit! 

The Test Drive:
While out on your test drive make sure to take a route that simulates your daily driving environment. You should also be taking a route that includes hills, bumpy roads, different speeds, and left and right turns. You want to use your listening ears when out and about during the drive, listening for any strange noises when you turn or accelerate or decelerate and wind whistles from the sunroof and windows because that could indicate there is a leak. Remember when out on the road that things you feel in your seat are often coming from the rear end of the vehicle while anything you feel in the steering wheel is coming from the front suspension, tires, brakes, engine, and steering. Make sure to keep an eye on the dashboard, looking to ensure that all the lights are working and that no warning lights are coming on. Finally, you want to ensure that the vehicle has the power and performance you want, so floor it! 

After The Test Drive:
The final step in your used vehicle test drive is to get it checked over by a trusted mechanic. A good mechanic can potentially find problems with the vehicle that you yourself may not and that are not listed on the vehicle history report, and the seller is looking to hide. If there are not any issues to be found, you can look forward to driving a new-to-you vehicle around town! 

Check out all the fantastic used vehicles we have to offer with our online inventory and make sure to follow our tips for the best, effective test drive!

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