What is a Tire Rotation

What is a Tire Rotation

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The Lustine Toyota service department can help you take care of your Toyota! There are a lot of different parts that need to be taken care of from your engine to the brakes and even your tires. Lustine Toyota can help keep your tires in tip-top shape, we utilize computerized wheel alignments, tire rotation, and balancing machines to help make sure your vehicle stays on track. Tire rotations are incredibly important to the health and safety of your vehicle for a variety of reasons, keep reading to learn more!

Why are these rotations so important?

Rotating your tires is a crucial part of extending the life of your tires and enhancing your safety when on the road or the trails. Many tire mileage warranties actually require that you rotate them to keep the warranty valid.

When should I get my tires rotated?

Your owner's manual or service advisor at Lustine Toyota can help you find the right tire rotation schedule. The repositioning of the four tires on your Toyota model helps the tires wear evenly. When completed at the right intervals, the rotation will also ensure balanced handling and traction as well.

What is a tire rotation pattern?

There are a number of tire rotation patterns that can be followed, our technicians will pick the one that serves your vehicle the best. There are different patterns to choose from because typically, the front tires have a different job than the rear tires and front-wheel-drive vehicle's tires wear very differently than rear-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicles. The typical rule for a tire rotation is to cross the free-rolling axle. For example, on a front-wheel-drive vehicle the front tires will be rotated to the back and the front tires rotated to the rear but they swap sides. With a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, the opposite happens. A four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive vehicle utilizes a "double x" rotation pattern, right front and left rear tires switch positions, and the left front and right rear tires swap.

Scheduling a Tire Rotation With Us

Tires are a substantial investment in your vehicle and your safety and when you take care of them properly, it pays off in how long they last. When your tires are properly inflated and serviced on a routine schedule, they deliver excellent performance and handling!

Does your Toyota Tacoma or Corolla need a tire rotation? Our service department is here to help! Head over to our Service & Parts tab and then Schedule Service within the drop-down menu. Simply fill out the appointment request form and you are good to go! We look forward to helping you keep your Toyota's tires in the best shape for years to come.

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