3 Winter Adventures When Your Kids Have Cabin Fever

When winter hits, I can always expect a few things to happen around here. First we all say it's too cold outside to leave the house and we will snuggle up on the couch, watch too much TV, eat too much food, my kids will play with every toy they own, the house will be a mess, and then everyone starts to go a little stir-crazy. That's when I know cabin fever has set in. That's also the time I know it's time for us all to get out of the house and go on a little adventure. However, when it's cold outside and our usual go-to adventure spots are off limits during this time of year, we have to get a little creative. If you have kids bouncing off the walls, here's three winter adventures to relieve your famiy's cabin fever.

1. Head to the Park - From bird watching, checking out animal tracks, and just running around to burn off some energy, parks and playgrounds are the perfect place to break up your cabin fever. Chances are you'll be the only ones there and your kids can explore their favorite summer spots to see what they look like in the winter.

2. Make Ice Art - This fun activity is a real crowd pleaser and if everyone is bundled up, your whole family will love making ice art. Start by freezing water mixed with food coloring into different shapes. Use different containers to make all sorts of shapes like ice cube trays, muffin tins, candy molds, and plastic containers. When everything is frozen, bring the ice blocks outside, and let your kids build their own ice sculptures. If there is snow and ice on the ground, they can use that as well. To get all of the pieces to stick together, let the kids put water on the blocks of ice. Change it up and let them use water guns or spray bottles for this step.

3. Go on a winter hike - With a few extra layers of clothes and the promise of hot chocolate when you get home, a winter hike is a great option for fresh air, outdoor adventure, and exercise for everyone. Check out local trails near your home or just take a hike through your neighborhood and pack a lunch and snacks to refill and refuel on your adventure. 

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